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                    Chicago, IL 60625

                    American , Asian Fusion , Japanese,


                    Business Hours

                    Sunday to Thursday:

                    10:30 AM to 9:30 PM

                    Friday and Saturday:

                    10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

                    Chinese, and Korean Cuisine

                    Buffet Prices


                    Lunch: $9.49 tax included

                    ALL YOU CAN EAT


                    Dinner: $12.50 tax included

                    ALL YOU CAN EAT

                    Experience a Fusion of Flavors

                    Fresh exotic food options

                    Treat your palette to a culinary adventure. Yummy Buffet guarantees your satisfaction with our delectable, truly authentic all-you-can-eat buffet. Taste the connections between New American, Asian Fusion, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Mexican flavors.


                    Select between tantalizing dishes including pizza, seafood and sushi during your brunch, lunch or dinner visit. We even provide space for private parties!

                    We have a large selection of exotic menu items. Stop in for vegetarian, chicken, steaks, or seafood, and be sure to stay for dessert!


                    Browse our menu


                    Takeout and catering available

                    In addition to our regular waiter service, we happily offer takeout meals and catering service to the Chicagoland area.



                    Our catering options

                    Satiate your hunger now

                    Let someone else do the cooking tonight. Yummy Buffet has choices for even the most picky of eaters in your family. e in today!


                    Try our hot and cold bar

                    Walk right in to our fortable, weling restaurant. Kids love us!

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